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For Power Tools Machine category, Zhongyang carries in-stock as follows:

Different Power Tools Machine Types25
Different Power Tools Machine Items137
Total Power Tools Machine Quantity269

ID Type Description Photo Enquiry
103 Air Gun AEG Powertherm Hot Air Gun Model 560 1500W, 150°C - 560°C Enquire
101 Air Gun Skil Skilgun 1800 Watt Hot Air Gun. 50°C - 570°C Enquire
108 Blower Toshiba Blower Model HB-310A. 570W, Air supply 3.1 m3/min Enquire
83 Circular Saw Bosch 7.1/2" Circular Saw Model GKS 7.1/4". 1400W Enquire
79 Circular Saw Hitachi 6" Circular Saw Model C6 SF. 1010W Enquire
80 Circular Saw Hitachi 9" Circular Saw Model C9. 1750W Enquire
44 Circular Saw Metabo 240mm Circular Saw Model 6320 (1600W) Enquire
35 Circular Saw Metabo 5.5/8" Circular Saw Model 4340 (520W) Enquire
43 Circular Saw Metabo 7.1/2" Circular Saw Model 4345 (1100W) - Enquire
82 Circular Saw Tiedao 9" Circular Saw Model M1Y-DS-235 (1280W) Enquire
84 Cutter Bosch 110mm Marble Cutter Model GDM 12-34 (1200W) Enquire
447 Cutter Bosch 14" Cut Off Machine Model GCO-2000 (2000W) Enquire
448 Cutter China 14" High Speed Cut Off Machine Model ESE (2000W) Single phase, 240 Volts Enquire
4027 Cutter China 16" High Speed Cutter c/w 3 HP, 230 Volts, 1 phase Motor Model: JIG JS-400 - Enquire
509 Cutter China Shaped Material 16" Cut Off Machine Model JIG-JS-400 (1500W x 2850 rpm) Enquire
449 Cutter Hitachi 14" Cut Off Machine Model CC-14SE (355mm, 2000W) Enquire
85 Cutter Makita 110mm Marble Cutter Model 4100 NH (1200W) Enquire
3905 Cutter New China 16" High Speed Cutter c/w 2 HP, 230 Volts Single Phase Motor Model JIG-JS-400 - Enquire
3484 Cutter Toku 14" Concrete Cutter c/w Robin EX27 9.0 HP Petrol Engine & 350mm Diamond Blade Model TKC 350 (Less air filter element) - Enquire
86 Cutter Toshiba 110mm Diamond Wheel Cutter Model TC-110A1 (1150W) Enquire
445 Cutter Uma Koki 14" Cut Off Machine Model 93507 (China) (2000W) - Enquire
3800 Cutter Used Desoutter Cast Cutter Model CC1, 240 Volts Single Phase - Enquire
4023 Cutter Used London FJ Edwards NW4 Manual Circular Plate Cutting Machine - Enquire
220 Dresser Wolf Valve Seat 80mm Dresser Model VSD-3 Enquire
47 Drill AEG Cordless Drill Model Best 12X (12V, Steel 10mm) Enquire
60 Drill Bosch 1/2" Drill Model 1101 (450W, Steel 13mm) Enquire
62 Drill Bosch 2-speed Impact Drill Model 11700 (450W, Steel 16mm) 0601 170 005 Enquire
73 Drill Bosch Cordless Drill Model GBM 9.6 VE (9.6V, Steel 10mm) Enquire
71 Drill Bosch Cordless Drill Model GSB 9.6 VES-2 (9.6V, Steel 10mm) Enquire
75 Drill Bosch Cordless Drill Model GSR 14.4-2 (14.4V, Steel 10mm) Enquire
72 Drill Bosch Cordless Drill Model GSR 9.6 VES (9.6V, Steel 10mm) Enquire
70 Drill Bosch Cordless Drill Model GSR 9.6 VES-2 (9.6V, Steel 10mm) Enquire
58 Drill Bosch Drill Model PBH 16 (420W, Steel 13mm, Concrete 16mm) Enquire
1147 Drill Bosch Impact Drill Model GSB 10 RE (Reversible, Electronic, 500W, Steel 8mm, Concrete 10mm) Enquire
61 Drill Bosch Single Speed Drill Model 0601119903 (625W, Steel 13mm) Enquire
77 Drill China 12V Cordless Drill Enquire
230 Drill China 13mm Drill Press Model ZJ-13J (280W) Enquire
3492 Drill Metabo 1/2" Impact Drill 0178/6S - Incomplete (Less chuck key & spanner) - Enquire
39 Drill Metabo Drill Model 4308 (Input 370W/Output 200W, Steel 8mm, 850 rpm) Enquire
41 Drill Metabo Impact Drill Model 0178/6S (650W, Steel 13mm, Concrete 20mm, 4-speed) Enquire
65 Drill Skil Smartest Skildrill 550Watt 13mm Hammer Drill with Variable Speed Control Enquire
64 Drill Toshiba Electric Drill Model DR-16B Enquire
66 Drill Toshiba Electric Drill Model DRD 13 B1 (430W, Steel 13mm) Enquire
46 Drill/Screwdriver AEG Impact Drill / Screwdriver Model SBE 630 R (Electronic, Reversible, 630W, Steel 13mm, Concrete 15mm) Enquire
56 Drill/Screwdriver Bosch Screwdriver Drill Model GSR 6-25 TE (500W) Enquire
42 Grease Gun Metabo Grease Gun Model 8700 (350W, Max. delivery 230g/min) Enquire
99 Grinder AEG Straight Grinder Model GSL 600 E (Electronic, 600W) Enquire
92 Grinder Bosch 125mm Angle Grinder Model GWS 14-125 CI (1400W) Enquire
4032 Grinder Bosch Angle Grinder Model 1324 - Enquire
98 Grinder Bosch Straight Grinder Model GGS 27L (500W) Enquire
444 Grinder Bosch Wet Grinder Model 1326 (1550W) Enquire
3367 Grinder China 12" x 1500W x 240V/50Hz/1ph Pedestal Grinder Model M3030; 4 poles, 2HPx1450rpm - Enquire
233 Grinder China 6" Bench Grinder & Sander Model MDQ-33-150 (370W) Enquire
228 Grinder China 6" Bench Grinder Model MD-3215A (350W) Enquire
227 Grinder China 8" Bench Grinder Model MD-3220 (550W) Enquire
3430 Grinder China Bench Grinder With Belt Sander Model: MDD-3215 (CON/2132) (New) - Enquire
232 Grinder China Single Phase 150mm Double End Bench Grinder Model SIST-150 TH (0.25kW) Enquire
94 Grinder Kress 5" Angle Grinder Model WS 6380 (800W) Enquire
236 Grinder Metabo 180mm (7") Angle Grinder Model 612650 S (1700W) Auto Enquire
33 Grinder Metabo 5" Wet Grinder Model 6164 (650W) Enquire
95 Grinder Shark 100mm Angle Grinder Model 9523B (540W) (Disc Grinder) Enquire
96 Grinder Shark 4" (100mm) Angle Grinder (670W) (Mini Grinder / Mini Cutter) Enquire
90 Grinder Tiedao 100mm Angle Grinder Model 88100C (750W) Enquire
100 Grinder Tiedao Die Grinder Model 42210 (480W) Enquire
226 Grinder Tower 6" Bench Grinder Model TBG-601 (180W) Enquire
221 Grinder Wolf 3" Lathe Grinder Model GL3 (400W) Enquire
530 Grinder Wolf High Speed Grinder Model HSG (300W, Collet 6mm) Enquire
531 Grinder Wolf Internal Grinding Attachment for GL3 Lathe Grinder (IGA) Enquire
48 Hammer AEG Demolition Hammer Model PM3 (720W) Enquire
49 Hammer AEG Rotary Hammer Model PH20N (600W, Steel 13mm, Concrete 20mm) Enquire
446 Hammer Atlas Copco Rotary Hammer Model PH 5F (Diameter 76mm, 750W) Enquire
441 Hammer Bosch Demolition Hammer Model 12310 (850W) Enquire
52 Hammer Bosch Demolition Hammer Model GSH 388 (1050W) Enquire
54 Hammer Bosch Rotary Hammer Model GBH 2-20 SE (500W, Concrete 20mm) Enquire
53 Hammer Bosch Rotary Hammer Model GBH 2-26 DFR (Electronic, Reversible, 800W, Steel 13mm, Concrete 26mm) Enquire
443 Hammer Hitachi Demolition Hammer Model H41SC (1050W) Enquire
63 Hammer Kress Pneumatic Rotary Hammer Model HME-20 (500W, Steel 13mm, Concrete 20mm) Enquire
78 Hammer Kurata Electric Hammer Model D.0865A (1650W) Volt 220V, Impact rate 1400 /min Enquire
67 Hammer Kurata Rotary Hammer Model KPR-38E (850W) Enquire
69 Hammer Makita Demolition Hammer Model HM 0810 T (900W) Enquire
442 Hammer Metabo Rotary Hammer Model 1116 (500W, Steel 13mm, Concrete 16mm) Enquire
68 Hammer Shark Rotary Hammer Model 30-SE (750W, Steel 13mm, Concrete 30mm) Enquire
87 Jigsaw Bosch Jigsaw Model GST 65 (400W) Enquire
88 Jigsaw Bosch Jigsaw Model PST 54 E (Electronic, 400W) Enquire
45 Motor Metabo Universal Motor Model 910W, RPM: 1100, 1600, 2900, 5500, 7800 Enquire
3716 Nibbler Bosch Universal Nibbler - Enquire
107 Planer Bosch Planer Model GHO 20-82 (750W x 82mm) Enquire
106 Planer SHT Electric Planer Model M1b-SD01-82x1 (China) (500W x 82mm) Enquire
105 Planer Tiedao Power Planer Model M1B-DS-82x1 (570W x 82mm) Enquire
104 Planer Uma-Koki Power Planer 82mm (3.1/4") (550W) Enquire
217 Polisher G-Tool Car Polishing Set (1200W) Enquire
234 Router Makita Router Model 3608 B (500W) Enquire
224 Router Rupes Router Model RP 84 (350W) Enquire
109 Sander Bosch Orbital Sander Model GSS 140 A (180W, Sanding plate 113x105mm) Enquire
34 Sander Metabo Belt Sander Model 4350 (520W, Width of belt 3") Enquire
218 Sander Metabo High-Speed Orbital Sander Model 6124 (300W, Sanding pad 100x210mm) Enquire
222 Sander Rupes Electric Sander Model BR 9N (350W) Enquire
219 Sander Wolf Vertical Sander 7" Model VSM (500W) Enquire
1569 Spray Gun Graco Paintmaster Electric Spray Gun (250W) Enquire
1567 Spray Gun Wagner Airless Electric Spray Gun W180N (60W) Enquire
1568 Spray Gun Wagner Airless Electric Spray Gun W320 (80W) Enquire
1554 Spray Gun Wagner Mistral Triumph N Spray Gun 110V, 0.8A, 40W, 50Hz Enquire
1553 Spray Gun Wagner W 170 E Duo Electronic Spray Gun. 240V, 0.43A, 55W Enquire
229 Vacuum Cleaner AEG Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Model NT-1200 (1200W) Enquire
532 Valve Seat Kit Wolf Valve Seat Kit Model VSK Enquire

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